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  • 3rd April 2013
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logo for website


When I decided to put together a website for my photography, I needed a logo.  I can barely draw a stickman to make it look like a person, so anything that requires drawing needed to be outsourced.

I found a lady on Etsy who is a photographer and a graphic designer, and commissioned her to do the work for me.  After a lot of discussions back and forth, I picked this design she came up with–three eggs in a nest.  So what’s up with the eggs in the nest?  I wanted something to reflect what my “brand” is all about–babies, children, and families.  I thought the design reflected that, and it was “organic”.  My packaging material will be mostly handmade paper, mesh ribbons, kraft bags, etc to also reflect the organic feel to what I want to emphasize.  The typography in the logo is fairly clean and simple, as is my website.  I want you to see that what matters the most to me is the person I am photographing, not some fancy design or gimmicks.

Years ago, even before I had my kids, I have always enjoyed photographing other people’s kids.  There’s just something so real and unpretentious about children.  It just gives me such great joy to see a glimpse of their personality reflected in an image.  I love that children never look at a picture and say “I look fat in that picture” or “I don’t like my nose in that picture”.  They always love seeing themselves in a photo.  They are not judgemental of themselves, and they are accepting of others.  I guess I love it so much because I wish I can be like them.

Anyway, I’m going off in a tangent.  Back to the logo.  I love the logo.  I hope I live up to what it’s trying to say: Let me photograph your family so I can record its preciousness on an image for you.