Prints? Canvases? Standouts?

  • 7th December 2013
  • Blog

When it comes to choosing the right look of images for your walls, there are so many products out there.  It can get confusing, and somewhat frustrating.  After a lot of trial and error, I have come down to three favorite products that I offer to my clients: prints, canvases, and standouts.

Prints are the fundamentals of wall displays.  I use a professional supplier that makes laser prints.  Ink jet prints are very nice and comes with a larger variety of paper choices, but they tend to get scratched easily.  I offer the prints with or without custom framing.  I deliver my prints in a handmade paper portrait case, because they are beautiful and I love giving my clients the best thing I can find.

Angela Chang Photography prints



Canvases have been around for a long time.  I use a great supplier that does a beautiful job with the printing and the mounting.  The canvas is also sprayed with a protective varnish so you can wipe the canvas down gently with a damp cloth to clean it.  You don’t have to buy a frame for the canvas, and they come ready-to-mount with sawtooth hangers in the back.

You can see from the photo below that the wrap goes all the way around the stretch bars.  This is called a “gallery wrap”.  Personally I really love gallery wraps for the custom look.  Canvases are just stunning way to present your wall art.

Angela Chang Photography canvas Angela Chang Photography canvas2



Last, but not least, the standouts.  This is a newer product on the market.  It’s basically a photographic print, dry pressed onto a thick foam block with edging.  I prefer the thicker foam, so I offer the 1 1/2″ ones.  The picture you see here is mounted on the thick foam with black edging.  You can also choose white edging, or bamboo edging, depending on the accent colors of your space.  They come ready to mount, so there’s no need to buy a frame.  As a bonus, they are less expensive than canvases.

Angela Chang Photography standout



If you have any questions about the products, feel free to contact me.  We can chat about what would work best for your wall display, and choose the appropriate product for your home.