~Growth as a photographer

~Growth as a photographer

  • 29th March 2014
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I dread the thought of blogging about this, but I have decided to be brave.  I’m going to show you some newborn pictures I took back in 2009, when I first started taking on clients.  I still think these are pictures of my clients’ beautiful babies; I’m just embarrassed to post them because of my own skill level.  The white balance is often inaccurate, shooting up the baby’s nose, and I knew nothing about editing the images.

I didn’t go and pick the worst pictures from 2009 to make you laugh. I just picked ones I was pretty happy with back then, and actually gave to my clients.  Ouch.

Mia sibling before


As a photographer, I truly believe I can never stop learning and growing.  There is just no end to refining my craft.  It takes time to develop a style in photography, and I think I’m going to be searching for it for the rest of my life.

Here are a few of my recent work below.

Angela Chang Photography-3307Angela Chang Photography-6246Angela Chang Photography newborn Victoria